The first administrative office of IEM started in the briefcase of our Founder/General secretary, Rev Dr Theodore Williams. As the Mission grew, the administrative set up grew accordingly. The well-wishers come together as "Society" and they chose the governing body the ‘Board’, It guides the Mission to fulfill its Vision according to the policies of IEM. The General Secretary and the Administrative Committee consisting of IEM Central Secretaries and Associate Central secretaries who execute the policies and practices of the Mission and helps the mission to move in the right direction. We have field secretaries who are close to the mission fields to provide guidance, fellowship and encouragement to our missionaries, as a result the missionaries in the field can continue to serve the Lord with co-ordination and co-operation to establish the Church.The IEM Board and the leaders of various departments see to the smooth functioning of the mission so that the goals of the mission may be fulfilled in the best manner possible.

Administrative office, Bangalore
Finance department is involved in distributing the funds to the various ministries and manages the other financial matters of the organization. "Faith starts with nothing but ends with every thing." This is our experience every day in our ministry especially in the area of finance. Almost every communication that comes along with the DD, cheque or MO from our supporters says ‘we are praying for the ministries of IEM.’ This is a small sentence that gives a big boost to our faith.

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