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In 1985, the Lord led us to contemplate a little deeper on the second objective of IEM which is "To challenge Indian Christians to be involved in the world evangelization in partnership with others." Our leaders were faced with the question, " Is promotion of IEM more or less important than ministry among Christians in churches?" Until then, this was called as promotional work and the missionaries were called promotional secretaries. The Lord definitely guided us to change this in order to minister to the churches, creating missions awareness and imparting the vision to get involved in missionary work.

A senior missionary and a former leader, who was then the first promotional secretary said, "It is very encouraging to see a large number of Christians from almost every denomination aware of the issues involved in missions. They think missions, they talk missions and they do missions. I am happy to say that every one who is involved in the church ministries department of IEM plays a part in bringing about this phenomenon in the Indian Church"

We desire that more local churches select their own missionary candidates, train them and send them to the unreached areas through IEM. In this way, the local church will be more involved in their own missionary endeavours. The ministry of evangelism began when IEM was born and continues unabated even today.

North East

The North East region of our country is replete with rolling hills. Most of the roads are narrow and travel through them is very difficult. The cost of living is much higher in Aizawl than other north east Indian states. Most of the church ministry workers live in remote areas. There are hundreds of big churches and small churches. Some of the big churches have their own mission fields and missionaries. Many are touched by the IEM Church Ministries. In Mizoram this year two ladies and two young men dedicated their lives for the Lord and they want to join IEM as missionaries. Our support comes from a few government servants such as Chief Engineers, College principals, lecturers, physicians, commissioners and businessmen. The Evangelical Church of Maraland and the Zomi Baptist church support 27 IEM missionaries. About 40 individual missionary supports come from Aizwal town.

National Conventions

Generally Christians in India are accustomed to having convention in their churches. But the concept of Missionary Convention is very rare and strange to many. We just met one faithful supporter and asked him why he was not seen during the National Convention held at Bangalore. His reply was surprising. He said that he thought it was a time when all the missionaries come together to have a convention. But the Lord laid this burden of motivating and challenging the Christians. Though this convention from the very inception of the mission. God used Rev Dr Theodore Williams to conduct these conventions.

In October 2002 we had the 37th National Convention at Bangalore. It was at the same convention the fourth General Secretary Mr Noel Kotian was publicly installed. There were supporters from all around the country. On October 2003 we are planning to hold the National Convention at Baroda, Gujarat. In March 03, The pastors association and the key leaders of the city had come together to form a steering committee. We appreciate the Christians and the church in Gujarat for coming forward to hold such an event inspite of the unfavorable circumstances.

Youth Ministries

We live in a country where half the population is under 25 years of age. It is extremely important for us to emphasize the ministry to youth. Political parties, religious forums and secular organisations have found the need of this movement and made the best use of youth energy to build their organisation. These days, almost all mainline churches are filled with elderly people. If this continues, the future of the church is at stake.

One young man who was blessed by the youth ministries of IEM has become a missionary and he is in a mission field. He told us, "If I did not have a chance of attending the "Happy Evening" programme in Chennai, I would have ruined my life. I was led to Christ and ultimately felt the call of God to be a missionary for Him. Looking back, I can’t believe that one programme has changed the course of my life."

Today this world is trying to offer many things to your young people. But through State Youth Camps, Happy Evening programmes, one-day retreats, TIM(Training In Mission) Camps, YLTP(Younger Leaders Training Programme) we offer opportunities for young people to find meaning in life and how to be used of God.

Women’s ministries

Women are important. We have entered an era since the advent of Christianity where women play an effective and prominent role in the Church In the Old Testament, women like Deborah, Esther were leaders who did great and mighty deeds for God Jehovah. Our Lord Jesus had women disciples as well. This was a radical step in his day when women when Rabbis did not consider women worthy of being disciples. Nevertheless, it is clear that woman were among those who followed Jesus through the cities and villages bringing the Good news of the Kingdom of God.

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India said, "To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the nation moves." We are committed to increasing ministerial opportunities for women, besides encouraging them to rise to their full potential. We are committed in stirring up their gifts and motivating them to get involved in raising prayer and financial support for missions.

Area Secretaries

The Great Commission cannot be achieved by a `chosen few’ who are called to go into the world to preach the Gospel. Every child of God should spread the Gospel in some way or the other. We encourage those who say, "we are not called to go as missionaries" but want to be involved in the missionary activities, to be "senders" if not "goers". We call them ‘Area secretaries’. These people are volunteers who give their time, talent and treasure for the Lord. They include the ordinary factory worker right up to the CEO of a reputed enterprise. We are privileged to have more than 3000 of them are spread throughout the country.

A few IEM leaders were at a missionary dedication in the home of an Area Secretary. The Area Secretary said that his desire was not just to collect few hundred rupees but to raise enough to support a missionary. These Area Secretaries are the pillars of our Mission. They toil faithfully to raise financial support every month. Every year, we conduct a retreat for them and their family members. We also conduct seminars where the biblical basis for missions is imparted apart from other topics. At the end of the seminar, they are taken to nearby mission fields.

Raising prayer Force

There is unequaled power in corporate prayer. It is God’s plan for His people to unite in prayer - not just for Christian fellowship, spiritual maturity and growth but also for accomplishing His divine purposes and goals.

What happens when we pray? Prayer changes our evangelistic efforts into a bountiful harvest. Further, as a Mission, we have spiritual and financial needs that can only be met through prevailing prayer. We have also found that in hopeless situations, God intervened, in answer to persistent prayer. When we are busy doing the Lord’s work, Satan is busy planning, plotting and `progressing.’ But through our God we shall do valiantly. God is not concerned about statistics but prayer. Having realised this, we conduct 40-day chain prayer in Andhra Pradesh and night prayers, fasting and prayer, hundreds and thousands of prayer cells in most cities and towns.

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