Communication ministry is Indian Evangelical Mission's link to the outer world. It is involved in developing IEM Magazine, audio cassetes, video cassetes etc.


Print media is another avenue by which we reach and cater to the need of Indian Christians and supporters.The power of the printed word can never be measured. Right from it’s inception, IEM has striven to inform, motivate and challenge our supporters and prayer partners through a regular newsletter which started as a bulletin and later graduated into a full-fledged monthly magazine, the IEM Outreach which is printed in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Oriya, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. Apart from presenting missionary reports, it also carries a Bible Study which serves to edify the Church. We also publish from time to time, books on missionary- related topics written by our leaders. Besides the IEM Outreach, we also produce calendars with people groups and other field informations. We have also revived the printing of our earlier books, which has been a source of inspiration, challenge and blessing to many within India and else where. We have already published Servants of the cross, in several languages. The 4th edition of the Come Let Us Sing, a long awaited dream, which comprises of over 290 hymns and choruses is also printed and made available to prayer groups and congregations.

Audio visual Ministries

Audio: The audio cassette ministry which is committed to providing believers with audiotapes that will nurture them in the Word has been a source of inspiration and blessing to many since it came into existence in1982. We produce song cassettes in Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Telugu, and Tamil. These inspiring songs were born out of the heart-moving experiences of our missionaries. We also have over 450 message titles on cassette tape. These messages were delivered by men of God at different conventions and Christian gatherings and are available in English and many other Indian languages.

Visual: Apart from audio cassettes, we also produce short videos highlighting field ministry events and other field aspects in order to use them at prayer groups and church congregations, helping them to know more about the work of the Mission which they are involved, through their prayers and supports. The Lord Who has been with the work of this department since it’s beginning, has been faithful to this very day and has used it to bring blessings and revival to many and we look ‘upward’ for the same in the future too.

Mission Mobilization Tools: Now what are these ‘tools’ we are talking about? Well they are not screwdrivers or spanners but they can be called prayer drivers and prayer banners instead! If we ask anybody for one thing it is prayer. We in this department produce different types of materials that will help prayer groups and congregations to pray for specific prayer request. They are:

Mission’s Map: These maps will help in identifying the locations of different mission fields in their respective states. They will be used at any Mission’s gatherings or churches to help see the land of India as a land of need for Christ and raise prayer warriors who will pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers and pray for the laborers.
Slide Films: Before videos came into usage, slides were the only means of showing visuals to prayer groups and congregations. This media still remains powerful and makes it easy for presentation to groups of any size as slide films and projectors can be carried any were any time with only need is the power supply. Photographs and slides can be converted to slides and copies made available for the promotional work by church ministries personnel.
Photo gallery: We are also engaged in keeping the record of the Mission’s history and progress by maintaining photographs in its order. This not only serves as a visual record but also a mechanism by which these photographs can be retrieved for publishing in any of the mission’s print media. We also provide the church ministries department with placards with people-groups’ photographs and descriptions. We are also planning for prayer-cards with people group photographs and descriptions which will be available to praying friends who will adapt one or more people-group(s) which they will pledge to pray for that people group all their life. This again will help our supporters and prayer-partners to know the people-group and pray for them more effectively and meaningfully.

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