Choosing the chosen few

The Lord of the Harvest is calling people to labour in His mission field. We identify these people and help them to do what God wants them to do. Prospective candidates come to us from Bible colleges, independent churches, Church Mission Boards and secular universities and colleges. Candidates need to meet certain essential requirements. To do this, we have tools like application forms, medical forms, referees, personal interviews and so on. The selection procedure is long and strict. The Personnel Secretary along with her team processes applications. But the candidates’ committee does the selection of the candidates after which the Board gives its final approval. Although a prototype of this procedure has been followed from the beginning, it has developed since then.


Missionary training was introduced to equip new recruits before they entered their mission fields or ministry bases. The training programme of IEM began in 1974 at Nashik. New candidates are trained in language learning principles and various other subjects like leadership development and finance management. The course was designed to develop the trainees’ skills to update their knowledge and develop their character.Our future plans we want to develop the curriculum to cater to the needs in the mission field.

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